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Prolific Games IMP PLF200
Hirelings: The Ascent
Uploaded Mar 18, 2013
List Price: $34.99
Strategic Price: Call for availability.

Detailed Description

Deep in the underground lair of the foul dragon, Rovert, is a vast treasure sought by the most daring adventurers. Unfortunately, the Heroes have fallen, and all that remains are the hapless hirelings! So, pick your Hireling, grab your pack, and RUN! Quick on their feet, but slow on wit, the terrified hirelings scramble about, frantically seeking the fastest way out of the dragons lair. Their only hope of survival is to use the items strapped to their backs, and find and fight their way back above ground! Be the first to escape before the Dragons Fireball turns you into a hireling kabob in Hirelings: The Ascent!
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