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Cool Mini Or Not COL MD003
Massive Darkness: Troglodytes Enemy Box
Strategic Price: $31.99

Detailed Description

Not all humans are looking to fight against the Darkness. Some have been tempted by its promises of power and have taken up arms with it. That's the case with the Troglodytes. They have extensive knowledge of the cave systems under the surface, and their Bloodseeker Minotaurs are almost impossible to escape from. Massive Darkness: Enemy Box: Troglodytes adds twenty-two new enemy figures that can be added to games of Massive Darkness. Troglodytes are tough opponents, making good use of Shadow Mode to gain bonuses to defense. Players have to make sure to hit hard if they want to take these guys out of the fight. This set contains Troglodyte Warriors, Brutes, an Agent, and a Bloodseeker Minotaur.
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