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Avalanche Press 304
Panzer Grenadier Afrika Corps - the Desert War
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Plan Orient. In 1940, the doorway to the rich oil fields of the Middle East lay in the desert sands of North Africa - a doorway barred by the mighty British 8th Army, a.k.a The Desert Rats, led by Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. Germany's key to success lay in the charismatic leadership of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, and the Deutsches Afrika Korps. Together with their Italian allies, they sought to unlock the gateway to the east, and sieze control of the Suez Canal. Afrika Korps introduces the Origins Award nominated Panzer Grenadier system to a new theater of World War II. Players take command of platoon sized units in the struggle for control of the North African desert. Includes scenarios for battles during Operation: Battleaxe, Operation: Crusader, the Siege of Tobruk, and the battles of Gazala. Includes new game pieces representing German, British & Italian infantry, tanks & artillery. Afrika Korps is a stand alone addition to the Panzer Grenadier system of games.
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