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Frog God Games FGG 10004
Pathfinder: The Black Monastery
FGG 10004
Updated Jan 8th, 2013
List Price: $33.99
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Detailed Description

Two centuries have passed since the terrible events associated with the hideous cult known as the Black Brotherhood. Only scholars and storytellers recall how the kingdom was nearly laid to waste and the Black Monastery rose to grandeur - then fell into haunted ruins. Now, stories have surfaced of brave explorers who have survived the horrors of its shadowed chambers, decrepit towers, and dank dungeons, returning with riches from the fabled hordes of the Black Brotherhood. It is enough to drive men mad with greed - enough to lure more each time, daring to enter the Black Monastery. The Black Monastery is a Pathfinder-compatible Swords & Wizardry adventure for 5-7 characters of Levels 7-10.
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