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Gamewick CSLWR51
Roswell 51: Shuffling Horror
Strategic Price: $39.95

Detailed Description

Roswell 51: Shuffling Horror

Stop the pods, blobs, and UFOs to save the world! Roswell 51 is a cinematic card-n-dice game that pays homage to 1950s alien invasion B-movies. One player takes command as the Director and controls the alien forces. All other players star as the movies survivors who must stop the outer space invasion. With each turn of the card, horrible events and menacing aliens appear on the game boards movie screen.

Thrills! Chills! Terror!

Dont just play a game Play a movie!

Roswell 51 is the second release in GameWick Games Shuffling Horror board game line. The first release was Pittsburgh 68, a homage to George Romeros cult 1968 zombie flick, Night of the Living Dead. A quartet of horror is ultimately planned for the series. The Roswell 51 game includes a large six-fold Shuffling Horror game board that can be used for any game in the series. Also included are bonus cards for Pittsburgh 68 play.

Shuffling Horror Awaits!

Ages: 14+

Time: 90 minutes

Complexity: Moderate (Director) / Mild (Players)

#Players: 3 13 (lower player count recommended for initial play)

Made in the USA

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