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Rio Grande Games RGG 034
Sac Noir_1
RGG 034
List Price: $99.95
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Detailed Description

There are five variations on how to play. The goal in all of them, is to build an tower.
The bag contains very different wooden pieces (i.e. an ashlar, an egg, a ring, a fir tree etc.), as well as a sack of beans for the auction variation of the game.
Depending on the variation you choose, either each player builds his own tower or, all build one together. The auction variations are the most suspenseful and surprising. One might end up spending quite some beans to avoid building an especially difficult element.
Gambling and bluffing abilities are needed just as much as a feeling for statics and construction skills.
Its a game with almost endless building possibilities. Its a challenge for steady
hands and shaky supense for clever tacticians
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