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RioGrande Games RGG3000
Shadow, Sword & Spell: Basic
Uploaded April 13, 2012
List Price: $19.99
Strategic Price: Call for availability.

Detailed Description

In SHADOW, SWORD & SPELL: BASIC, you create a character embarking on an adventuring career. Some event or desire, drives you to thumb your nose at your lot in life and seek out a destiny of your choosing. Society holds no bounds for you and you choose the life you want to live. Why should the only wealthy be wealthy? Why should only the baron own his own land? You want that and more and by Azathoths Radiance, you will! In BASIC, your character adventures and grows, becoming not only stronger, but more influential. Over time, a character can acquire not only wealth but power. Your influence and fame enables you to command armies, rule a kingdom, influence society but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Basic gets you to this point, if you survive it
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