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Privateer Press PIP 74001
Skorne Warpack
PIP 74001
List Price: $49.99
Strategic Price: Call for availability.

Detailed Description

From beyond the treacherous Bloodstone Marches, the savage race of the Skorne now march on western Immoren with one purpose: the utter subjugation of all its nations under their dreaded touch. With this army of sorrows come warbeasts the likes of which the nations of men have never seen.

Warpack Contents:
Warlock Master Tormentor Morghoul
Two Cyclops warbeasts
One Titan Gladiator warbeast
Quickstart rules

This Warpack box set has everything a player needs to start playing HORDES. Add the HORDES: Primal core rules to expand your possibilities and learn the secrets of your chosen faction.
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