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Ulisses Spiele GmbH PZO ULIUS25001E
The Dark Eye RPG: Core Rules Hardcover
Strategic Price: $49.99

Detailed Description

In continuous publication for more than 30 years, Germany`s premiere fantasy roleplaying game, The Dark Eye, is now available in English in this exciting, new edition! Experience the breadth of Aventuria and traverse a land steeped in medieval lore as a virtuous knight, elven ranger, or erudite mage. Rebuild the war-weary Middenrealm, marvel at exotic wonders in the Lands of the Tulamydes, discover lost ruins in the steaming jungles of the South, or try to drive back the evil of the Shadowlands. Rescue innocent victims from cults of the Nameless One, navigate labyrinthine plots and intrigues at the Court of the Empress, or stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the brave defenders of the border cities to repel the ever-growing Orc Storm.
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