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Privateer Press PIP 71001
Trollbloods Warpack
PIP 71001
List Price: $49.99
Strategic Price: Call for availability.

Detailed Description

For centuries the Trollbloods have seen their scared lands taken and their numbers diminished. Now the human nations have brought war to their last refuges in western Immoren. Banding together with their less civilized kin and united with heavily armed trolls and wild dire trolls, the trollkin are on the warpath. The Trollbloods march to war to claim what is theirs.

Warpack Contents:
Warlock Madrak Ironhide
Two Troll Impalers
One Troll Axer
Quickstart rules

This Warpack box set has everything a player needs to start playing HORDES. Add the HORDES: Primal core rules to expand your possibilities and learn the secrets of your chosen faction
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