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Eagle Games EGL 0090
EGL 0090
List Price: $14.99
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Wench a fast-paced card game of rules to remember and penalties to avoid!

The table hushes for just a moment while your opponents slide their cards into their hands. Youve gripped a nice hand for going out fast, a hand flush with a single suit Schoolgirl, Carpenter, and Unicorn! Youre also charged with making sure no one puts their elbow on the table, a common and nasty habit. You look over and the opponent to your left is already in violation. Impulsively you call their name, and then realize they might be the Rock Star. Youve played before, a veteran of this ever-changing game, and you know if you dont applaud when you penalize them, youll be penalized instead! Nevermind, you say. Perhaps it is best to bide your time and see how the game develops and then drop Da Bomb! Suddenly youre interrupted by the first turn of the game an opponent saw you looking at that elbow, and theyre playing the Fisher a card you know will ruin all of your best-laid plans.
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