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Goodman Games GMG 8010
World Championship Dodgeball
GMG 8010
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Dodge ball was the world's most popular sport from 1969 to 1979, ahead of both baseball and soccer. Sadly, the sport could not maintain its popularity. By 1981, the International Federation of Dodge Ball closed its doors for good. But in back alleys and third-world arenas, dodge ball still thrives. The former leaders of the IFDB went underground, organizing secret dodge clubs in major cities throughout the world. Gone are the elbow and knee pads -- and there certainly aren't any helmets! The black-market dodge clubs are where the real fans gather for a serious, bloodthirsty sport. Walk in and smell the sweat... see the bloodstains... and prepare yourself for afros, wide lapels, and bell bottoms. On the underground, nothing's changed since 1981.

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