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7 Wonders Architects

7 Wonders Architects

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We all aspire to leave our mark. As one of the great ancient architects, your goal is to create a wonder so amazing that it, as well as you, will go down in history as a testament to human ingenuity and skill! 7 Wonders Architects in a new game in the world of 7 Wonders. Designed for a fluid and immersive game experience, Architects is a gateway game that still retains the strategic depth the 7 Wonders brand is so well known for. 

An all-new, standalone title set in the same universe as the world’s most highly acclaimed board game: 7 Wonders. A fresh and intuitive design, 7 Wonders Architects offers streamlined rules and easy-to-learn card-drafting gameplay.

Turns are quick and simple: draw a card from the 3 available options then play it in front of you. Combo cards to gain bonuses or take cards to deny other players.

Quick to learn and able to host 2 to 7 players, 7 Wonders Architects is a great gateway game and perfect for game night!

Contents: 235 Cards, 7 Wonders with 5 Wonder pieces, 7 card holders, 8 component trays, 15 Progress tokens, 6 Conflict tokens, 28 Military Victory tokens, 1 Rulebook

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