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Century Golem Endless World

Century Golem Endless World

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Century: Golem Edition – An Endless World is the final chapter to the Century: Golem trilogy. In An Endless World players are crystal traders who have scoured to the furthest reaches of Caravania and come face to face with primordial golems predating human existence. These golems are incredibly powerful and ever eager to assist. As the world continues to unfold itself to players, you will discover how endless the fun will be!

• Players take the role of traders as they search to discover and trade soul crystals!

• The third installment of the Century: Golem trilogy!

• Mix this game with any other Century: Golem title to create an all new, original game!

6 Double-sided Location Boards, 4 Player Boards, 48 Traders, 56 Cards, 10 Exploration Tiles, 25 Bonus Tiles, 4 Bowls, 105 Crystals

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