Last Heroes

Last Heroes

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The portal between the kingdom of Limbo and Earth has just opened. Chaos sends its hordes of minions to sow terror ans desolation on our planet. A group of men and women set themselves the goal of protecting Earth.

They are called the Last Heroes. Your squad, consisting of Blind, Echo, Ace, Silent and tank, has been called urgently.

The portal will only be open for 10 days. The is the time you have to repel this assault of Chaos.

The horde is led by Lieutenants. Each of them has an Artefact with a very high magic power. If you gather them, you will be able to close the portal.

The goal of the game
Fight the monsters alongside your partners. Take advantage of the breaches opened by your squad, to reach the Lieutenants, bearers of the Artefacts. If all the Artefacts are assembled the Horde is sent back into Limbo. Otherwise, try to eradicate as many monsters as you can during the ten turns.

Kill as many monsters as possible and get the Artefacts. It’s up to you to take advantage of the situation as only the most valiant Hero will be rewarded. les Artefacts. À vous de tirer votre épingle du jeu, car seul le Héros le plus efficace sera récompensé.


  • 5 Magazines
  • 6 Power tiles
  • 5 Artefact tokens
  • 5 Hero standees
  • 5 Permanent Breach tokens
  • 60 Weapon cards
  • 36 Monster cards