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Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonlance - Warriors of Krynn Board Game (Preorder)

Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonlance - Warriors of Krynn Board Game (Preorder)

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Warriors of Krynn

Battle for the World of Dragonlance! A World at War!

  • Introduces a war game experience to D&D 5th edition, featuring heroes who participate in large scale military battles
  • Provides a complete stand-alone co-operative battle game experience in the world of Dragonlance
  • Demonstrates options for integrating play with six Shadow of the Dragon Queen encounters by providing scenarios with win/loss outcomes that impact the roleplaying game experience, resulting in different encounter and quest choices for players
  • Designed by Rob Daviau and Stephen Baker

This game is designed for use with Dungeons & Dragons RPG: Dragonlance Shadows of the Dragonqueen

PLEASE NOTE: This is a preorder item.  Find information about this release below:


UPDATE (03/23/23): The release date of this item will be April 4, 2023 and preorders are still open. 

PRIOR UDPATE: (Estimated release date of this item has changed to March 2023). This is a preorder items available on the release date. Cover art may change before release. If you intend to order additional currently available items, or other preorder items scheduled for different dates, please place separate orders for those items.  Orders are held until all items in the order have been released. This item is scheduled to arrive on December 6, 2022. Due to industry wide shipping issues, release dates are subject to change by the manufacturer. If the release date is changed, your order will be processed on the updated release date. Any future updates to the release date of this item will be noted here. UPDATE:  This item appears to have been delayed and we are sending an esimated release of March 2023.  If you have already ordered this item, we are holding this item and will ship to you as soon as the stock is received from the manufacturuer. 

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