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New Arrivals 2/26/18

February 26, 2018


Delta Green RPG: Observer Effect    
APU 8109    
If we look too deeply into the roiling chaos of reality, chaos may look back! The Olympian Holobeam Array, funded in part by the U.S. Department of Energy, was built to delve into a fringe theory of physics, using highly classified technology that its parent company developed in conjunction with the U.S. military. A few hours ago, the Holobeam Array went online. A few minutes ago, it went offline in a catastrophic power surge. Now, under the guise of a Department of Energy safety inspection, Delta Green has launched an emergency inspection, sending Agents to investigate. Observer Effect is a campaign scenario for the Delta Green RPG.


Space Empires: Replicators Expansion    
GMT 1717
Space Empires: Replicators is the second expansion in the Space Empires series.
Von-Neumann Machines (or Replicators) are self-replicating. They behave, research, and reproduce differently than other empires and they have their own Empire Advantages."


Wing Leader: Blitz 1939-1942    
GMT 1801    36    
"Wing Leader: Blitz is the first expansion for GMT’s Wing Leader system. Blitz adds more aircraft and scenarios to play while expanding the game into new theaters of war. Fly Dewoitine D.520 fighters into the cauldron of battle against German Heinkels. Lead Japanese Ki-27s against the Soviets in the skies over Nomonhan. Direct Royal Navy Fulmars and Martlets at Italian torpedo bombers in Operation Pedestal. Launch P-39D Airacobras against Japanese invasion forces approaching New Guinea.

New Aircraft will also include the Soviet I-16, I-153 and MiG-3, the Curtiss Hawk 75 fighter, and most of the major French fighters including the M.S.406 and MB.152C.

Players will need a copy of Wing Leader: Victories 1940-1942 to play Wing Leader: Blitz.

In addition to new aircraft and scenarios, Wing Leader: Blitz features a brand-new campaign system, which recreates air actions in the early weeks of the German invasion of the Soviet Union. The campaign comes with its own 11 x 17” campaign map, while special markers for tracking bomb damage are included for the first time. The campaign will confront the German and Soviet players with tough decisions on targeting, attack planning and raid execution in the desperate days of Operation Barbarossa.



Great Battles of History: Battles of the Warrior Queen    
GMT 1805    
It is AD60, and Governor of Britannia C. Suetonius Paulinus stands ready to deal his final blow against a vicious insurgency in Rome's new province. Inspired by Rome's implacable opponents, the Druids, the remaining fanatical warriors of a two-year insurgency hold out on the island of Anglesey. Having made an amphibious landing on the island's shores, Paulinus and his legionaries must cut their way through fierce opposition on the beach.

While his cohorts ravage the island, a messenger reaches Paulinus with news of a tribe that is rampaging the eastern fringes of his province. The Iceni, led by Queen Boudicca, are reported to have murdered local Roman officials and their guards. Other reports soon arrive that the Iceni's revolt is gathering both force and momentum as local tribes are responding to Boudicca's call for open revolt. A large warrior force is said to be devastating Roman villas and farmsteads as it heads south towards the first Roman colony in Britannia, Camulodunum.

Paulinus realizes that with all four of his legions posted in the north and west, this new menace has the potential to ravage Roman colonies and cut his lines of communication. He faces the very real prospect of being Governor of Britannia in name only.

Battles of the Warrior Queen covers the major engagements during the rebellion of the Iceni tribe and Boudicca's allies against the legions of Emperor Nero. Led by Queen Boudicca, the rebellion would be the greatest British threat to nearly four centuries of Roman domination of Britain.

To play this module you will need the maps, counters and rules that come with this module and the rules and some counters from Caesar, Conquest of Gaul. Battles of the Warrior Queen can also be played with the Simple Great Battles of History (SGBoH) rules.



Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla the Tabletop Roleplaying Game    
RNG 020    
Based on the ongoing Action Lab comic series and fueled by the Savage Worlds Roleplaying System, Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla the Tabletop Roleplaying Game lets you make history as you investigate clues, fight unspeakable creatures, and uncover the mystery and adventure of the pulpy world of the 1920`s. Join forces with H.P. Lovecraft, Nikola Tesla, Mark Twain, Amelia Earhart, Harry Houdini, and other great personages from the era to battle the ever-encroaching Cthulhu Mythos in the Roaring Twenties!


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