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Star Wars: Legion - In Store to Examine

March 8, 2018


Check out Star Wars: Legion in store to examine on March 8, pre-order from our website now, and get ready for the game to go on sale on March 22.


Pre-orders are now live, click here to order.




Star Wars: Legion goes on sale 3/22/18.  We have an open copy of the game in store for you to examine starting today, March 8.


Back In August, you may have seen this article praising the upcoming game.  IT LOOKS TERRIFIC and we’ll have a copy in store for you to examine on March 8.  


You can’t take the figures home.  We will have security droids stationed at all exits.  But you can definitely come in and examine the box and its contents and get a look at the next great Star Wars game, on sale March 22. 


We are now accepting pre-orders for the game through our website and will fill those orders first from our allocation.

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