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Chance for Tickets to the Glass Cannon Live!

Today (Friday 10/21/22) only, visit The Compleat Strategist and roll a d20 at checkout. Roll a critical fumble (natural 1), and win a ticket to the Glass Cannon Live in Brooklyn at the Bell House this Saturday, 10/22/22!
(Contest available only in our brick and mortar NYC location and is today only!)
See why they sell out rock clubs across the country and join the five founders of The Glass Cannon Network as they continue to make role-playing games a spectator sport. Glass Cannon Live! follows the story of four would-be heroes caught in a Lovecraftian nightmare where danger lurks around every corner and a great evil from another dimension is poised to destroy the world!
Still want a chance to win the VIP ticket pair? Find our original Instagram post and like, share, and reply with the next game you plan to pick up from The Compleat Straetgist, and you'll be entered to win!
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