International Orders and Holds

If you're visiting NYC, we'd love to see you at The Compleat Strategist

International shipping policy:

We take international orders (outside the continental U.S.) as mail orders by phone. The procedure is as follows: E-mail us regarding products you’re interested in purchasing. We’ll inform you of availability and price. You must then call the NYC store by phone to place the order. We’ll take your shipping information and payment information, calculate shipping, and send an invoice for your approval. When you approve, we’ll ship the items. Please note some products may not be authorized for sale/shipping outside of the U.S., and in such cases we will inform you and be unable to take the order. If you’re happy with these terms, we look forward to helping you with your order.

Policy for Visitors Coming to NYC

Feel free to email us with a list of games you’d like us to hold for you approximately two weeks before your visit. If you’re ordering less than $100 in merchandise, and none of your items are special orders, we’re happy to hold them for you. If you want us to hold more than $100 in merchandise, or you have any special order items, you’ll need to call us by phone in the NYC store and provide a payment method so that we can charge 50% of the order total as a deposit.