Compleat Strategist Strategic Games Update for 2/7/20 - The Compleat Strategist

Compleat Strategist Strategic Games Update for 2/7/20

It's an amazing week at the The Compleat Strategist with some great new games coming in and some key restocks.  People are asking about "Pandemic," and we've got it.  Here's a quick list of some of what's come in:

Animal Kingdoms

In Board Games

Animal Kingdoms
Kung Fu Panda: The Board Game
Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design
Order of the Stick Utterly Dwarfed
Kill the Unicorns
Good & Bad Ghosts

Posthuman Saga
Egizia: The Shifting Sands

Great Games for Kids


Romance of the Perilous Land
In the RPG World

The Excellents Excellent Princess Roleplaying
Pathfinder Lost Omens Gods & Magic
Pathfinder Flip-Mat Castles Multi-Pack
Pathfinder Extinction Curse: The Show Must Go On
Pathfinder Weapons & Armor Deck
Starfinder Deck of Many Worlds
Starfinder Dead World Flip-Mat
Starfinder Attack of the Swarm Adventure Path: The God-Host Ascends

Ragnarok: The Vanir

Paleomythic: A role-playing game of stone and sorcery

Romance of the Perilous Land

Lord of the Rings

In the Card Game World

Unmatched: Bruce Lee
Arkharm Horror: The Card Game Point of No Return
The Lord of the Rings LCG: Challenge of the Wainriders
Legend of the Five Rings LCG: Clan War Expansion

Star Wars: Legion
In Miniatures Gaming

Marvel HeroClix: Captain America and the Avengers
Star Wars Legion Crashed Escape Pod
Star Wars Legion Imperial Bunker
Star Wars Legion Operative Expansions for Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, the Rebel Troopers, the B1 Battle Droids, Imperial Stormtroopers, Phase I Clone Troopers

Signature Spellbook: Gideon
Back in Stock while Supplies Last

Tiny Towns
Undaunted: Normandy
Nerd Words: Science
Cover your Assets
Magic: The Gathering Signature Spellbook - Gideon

All games are available only while our limited supplies last.  Don't see what you're looking for or want to check for something else (or make sure something is still available and place it on hold), give us a call in the NYC store or email us!  Have a great gaming day!


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