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MTG Acorns in April Unfinity Unsealed Event

On April 1, 2023, we're hosting Acorns in April! This Magic: the Gathering event  at our NYC The Compleat Strategist location brings the crazy, unexpected fun of Un-sets back to the spotlight on one of the silliest weekends of the year.

For this Un-Sealed event, we'll provide each player with one randomly selected mono-colored Unsanctioned deck and three Unfinity Draft Boosters. Using this unusual pool of cards, you'll create a 40-card deck and unleash chaos upon your opponents!

Event participants will receive a Magic: The Gathering Arena Cosmetic in your in-game inboxes one week after participating and signing up with your Wizards account!

Purchase your ticket now, as we're only selling ten (10) places for this event.

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MTG Arena Cosmetic

We'll see you at The Compleat Strategist on April 1! 

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