The 2nd Annual Ding and Dent Sale 10/23/21 - The Compleat Strategist

The 2nd Annual Ding and Dent Sale 10/23/21

The 2nd Annual Strategic Ding and Dent Sale at The Compleat Strategist
The Compleat Strategist will be hosting a massive "Ding and Dent Sale" on October 23, 2021.
As a game retailer, we NEVER sell a game in less than pristine, mint condition, factory-sealed and fresh from the manufacturer.
Some of the games we receive from distributors suffer minor dings and dents in shipping. Shrink-wrap gets torn, box corners suffer damage, sometimes one side of the box may even be caved in!
These games remain 100% playable, but we would NEVER sell them.
Until the DING AND DENT SALE, where you can shop till your wallet is dinged and dented by the absolute best in tabletop games, all at 50-90% off MSRP!
This will be our 2nd Annual Ding and Dent sale, following the massive success of the first annual sale in 2019. There was no Annual Ding and Dent Sale in 2020, but NOW IT'S BACK...
So save the date! And sign up right here (link takes you to Facebook) so we know you're coming.
Some of the free games you'll be able to choose from when you spend more than $50 --
Free Games for the Giveaway
Some of the dinged RPG books available -
Dinged and dented RPGs
and more
More books for the Ding and Dent Sale
We're also having a $1/ticket raffle for a gift certificate, a vintage TSR board game (below), and a sealed vintage pack of Pokemon cards (below) All proceeds from the raffle go to support St. Jude's Children's Hospital!
Vintage Pokemon pack prize in the raffleDragonquest vintage TSR raffle prize at the Ding and Dent Sale
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