Dune Imperium Board Game with Deck Building and Worker Placement

Dune Imperium

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Dune Imperium, the new deck-building meets worker placement board game set in the Dune universe promises an unparalleled gaming experience with unique new dynamics.  Get it from us with free shipping.

The iconic universe of Frank Herbert's Dune inspires a new generation of fans in the upcoming film from Legendary Entertainment, setting the stage for the first new Dune board game in decades. Dune - Imperium breaks new board game ground with an innovative design from Paul Dennen and the team at Dire Wolf behind the award-winning Clank! game series. How will you seize power? Lead a Great House to glory on the hostile planet Dune, where subtlety can be more important than strength. Purchase cards to increase your options, then strategically commit your resources for maximum gain. Military conflict & political intrigue provide many paths to victory. Harvest spice from the deep desert, and leverage your spoils into economic might. Gain influence with powerful factions who can aid your victory - or guarantee your doom. The choices are yours: the cards are dealt, and the Imperium awaits. Control the Spice. Control the Universe.