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Lockdown is a semi-cooperative game that takes you into a horrific world overwhelmed by Monsters which you know nothing about … besides their veracious appetite for your skinny little human bodies. Semi-cooperative means that you win alone, but you will have to help others to get there. You will create temporary alliances, you will lie, betray for the sole purpose of making sure that your family survives.

  • SEMI-COOPERATIVE THRILLS: Navigate a world overrun by ravenous Monsters in this semi-cooperative board game.
  • WIN ALONE, SURVIVE TOGETHER: While you aim for individual victory, alliances, deception, and betrayal are key to ensure your family's survival.
  • INTENSE PLAYER INTERACTION: Experience constant tension and dynamic player interaction in every game.
  • MULTIPLE OUTCOMES: Uncover 21 different endings crafted by writer Richard Normandon, adding exciting replayability.
  • VARIETY AND LUXURY: Unlock 20 game variants and enjoy the game's lavish components, including printed wood tiles and tokens.


Publisher Blackrock Games
Product Type Thematic Games
Product Sub-Type Base Game
Minimum Recommended Age 14
Average Play Time 45 Minutes
Players (Minimum) 3
Players (Maximum) 6
Genres Horror | Negotiation | Science Fiction | Zombies
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