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Monikers Core Game

Monikers Core Game

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Monikers is a party game in 3 phases. At the start of the game, you will receive a set of cards featuring names of famous and historical people. You goal is got get your team to guess as many names as possible in the allotted time. Round 1, say anything about the person, just don’t say their name. Round, only use one word to hint at the game. Round 3, perform charades to get your team to guess the name. The cards get shuffled, but don’t change between round 1 and round 3, so creating clever hints in round 1 that can be paired down in rounds 2 and 3 are important for your success!

• Hilarious party game with easy rules and elegant graphic design
• Critically acclaimed:

“The perfect party game” – The New York Times

“The most you will ever laugh playing a game” – Shut Up & Sit Down

“Will be in heavy rotation for years to come.” - Polygon

440 cards, 1 rulebook

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