Disney Gargoyles: Awakening
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Disney Gargoyles: Awakening

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In Disney Gargoyles: Awakening, which is named after the TV show, players each represent one of six Gargoyles characters Goliath, Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, Hudson, or NYPD detective Elisa Maza fight against baddies Xanatos and Demona in one of four scenarios on a three-dimensional cityscape board showing Manhattan as it was depicted in the cartoon. Three of the scenarios are co-operative, while the final one is not: 'Reawakening' Face off against Xanatos and Demona to save Coldstone`s mind. 'Temptation and Magic' Defeat Demona, who has stolen the Grimorum Arcanorum to enslave innocents. 'Information Warfare' Collect three stolen data disks on behalf of Xanatos.'Battle with the Steel Clan' One player takes control of Xanatos and the Steel Clan, aiming to defeat a hero or destroy the police tower, while the other players try to stop them as the Gargoyles.