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The Goblin's Lair

The Goblin's Lair

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The second adventure pack expansion to the base board game of "New Easy to Master Dungeons and Dragons". The world of the base game and the expansions is called Thunder Rift. There were 3 expansions created for the base game. Dungeons & Dragons: The Dragon's Den , Dungeons & Dragons: The Haunted Tower, Goblin's Lair. A dungeon crawl and monster bashing adventure for beginners.

Players are pitted against the Goblin King and his three armies during his bid to conquer Thunder Rift.

The expansion includes 3 16 page adventure booklets, 3 full color fold up maps, 1d6 and d10, new counters, new floor tiles to enhance the maps, and more character stand-ups. The three adventures can be played separately or as a series of connected adventures.

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