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The Revenant Society RPG: Deluxe Set

The Revenant Society RPG: Deluxe Set

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In the Revenant Society RPG you take on the role of a Revenant, an undead being in either 1910's Paris or 1920's New York. Revenants work together to navigate the thin veil between themselves and the living, unravel the mystery of why they haven't moved on, and prevent the Shattering Event from happening. Luckily, they have some supernatural abilities to assist them. As Fate Weaver, you will assist the group with navigating their skills and exploring their relationship to each other. There is a catch: if you do not solve the mystery before time is up, you will start over again! Fail too many times and you will be stuck in that loop forever, repeating those same events with no hope of eternal rest

This stunning Deluxe Box Set includes: Deluxe box to hold all components, 1 Core Book, 2 Maps, 1 Loop Board, 1 Map of Intrigue, 6 Character Sheets, Tokens, Dice, and Figures.


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