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2024 Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheets (Preorder)

2024 Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheets (Preorder)

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Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheets 50 redesigned double-sided character sheets that are easier to reference and play with A lavishly illustrated folder to store all your character sheets and D&D notes Works with the character-creation rules of the Player's Handbook/ Enough character sheets to cover the next 50 years of your D&D adventures Inside the pockets of this lavishly illustrated folder are 50 double-sided character sheets for use in any fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Each character sheet provides plenty of room to keep track of everything that makes your D&D character unique. Stock up for the next 50 years of your D&D adventures today.

PLEASE NOTE: Dungeons & Dragons RPG: Character Sheets (2024) is a preorder item that will be available on the release date of September 17, 2024. If you intend to order additional currently available items, or other preorder items scheduled for different dates, please place separate orders for those items. Orders are held until all items in the order have been released. Item images and contents subject to change by the manufacturer until release.

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