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Betrayal Deck of Lost Souls

Betrayal Deck of Lost Souls

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Many lost souls have been lured by the secrets hidden within the House on the Hill. Now an ancient relic - a cursed deck of cards from the darkest reaches of the attic has entrapped you as well! In the Betrayal Deck of Lost Souls standalone game, a player and their fellow explorers must race to defeat the many horrors lurking within the deck. Play Item cards to defeat Omens and Curses, but beware! There may be a traitor in the group, working against the others to unleash the one true Curse. This strategy game includes premium Tarot card-sized cards: 6 Curse cards, 34 Item cards, 4 Special Item cards, 18 Minor Omen cards, 16 Major Omen cards, 5 Character cards, 6 Journey cards, and 5 Reference cards. Looking for exciting games for game night? Gather friends for this immersive, story-driven card game. With many ways to play, the spine-tingling fun is endless! For 3 to 5 players, ages 12 and up.

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